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Yug Cargo Service is a creative transportation and logistics company, which is characterized by outstanding dynamics and specializes in transport and logistics, as well as foreign trade service. We are located in Novorossiysk. Its geographical locationallows usto quickly and efficiently provide specialized services to our clients.

The main services of our company are the following:

  • EEA(External Economic Activity) outsourcing;
  • Delivery of goods in Russia;
  • Advising on matters concerning to the transport logistics;
  • International transportation;
  • Competent search of products andcalculation of cost;
  • Customs clearance.

The basic range of services provided by the logistic company Yug Cargo Service

The main logistic services of our company are showed below:

  • “Door to Door” delivery.
  • Implementation of the entry of imported goods by "Agency agreement".
  • Customs escort of goods arriving under all customs regimes. Customs Broker.
  • Sea / Air / Road / Railway Transportation of cargoes in Russia and abroad.
  • Controlling the process of certification of goods.Expertise Implementation.
  • Temporary storage of goods.
  • Repacking of goods and reloading of vehicles.
  • Advising on issues such as Customs clearance,Implementation ofExternal Economic Activity and other logistical matters.

The advantages of our company

Our company is engaged in the development of solutions for simplifying logistics challenges for customers, using the most appropriate and advantageous from an economic point of view options, including search, purchase and delivery of essential goods and services of storage.

We consider that it is important to respect the literate, from a legal and economic point of view, flow of documents, the excellence of whichguarantees to our customers a full confidence in the future. We estimate our work on the effectiveness of services provided in conjunction with the optimal pricing policy of the company.

Optimalconditions on which our company is working with its customers mean a delivery of goods to any remote area on time, and qualitative and careful transportation of Project cargoes. Prompt delivery of goods to our customers performsby Intermodal transport (by Air, Sea, Railway, Road).

The criteria for our company based on the skilled professionals who have extensive experience of work in ports, transport, trading and service companies specializing in freight forwarding.

United and stable team which is ready to provide reliable, friendly and professional servicesat any time.

Individual approach and careful attention to solving logistical problems allow our company to achieve a significant increase in profitability of the business of ourclients.


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