It's nota secret that the import cargoes entered the territory of Russia are often required the mandatory certification. The certificate of conformity is a confirmation that the product meets the standards of quality and safety requirements established in this country. Often obtaining certificates becomes a problem for importers. But not for the customers of Yug Cargo Service. With the help of our company obtaining of the necessary documents will be held in the possiblyshortest time.

What cargoes need acertification?

You will face with a problem of issuing of certification documents, if you import in the Russian Federation of the following:

  • Electronics and electrical equipment;
  • Food or food raw materials;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • Rubber products;
  • Utensil and other household goods;
  • Textiles, toys;
  • Production of Machinery, Oil and Wood-products industries;
  • Building materials;
  • Packaging materials.

This is not a complete list of products that require mandatory certification. Detailed advice on the types of goods and the procedures for certification you can get by contacting with us.

Yug Cargo Service –a certification without any problem!