Container Transportation by Sea / Road

For delivery of large quantities of goods on long-distances by different means of transport the Container Transportation is a great solutionfor it. In Intermodal freight transport, the container makes it possible to reduce the transportation time of the goods and to ensure its safety.

Rugged and sealed, modern container can carry loads of any type:

  • Bulk cargo;
  • Liquid and viscous materials;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Equipment;
  • Perishables etc.

Previously, this type of cargo transported by rail in the freight cars, which prompted large delivery times and frequent loss of cargoin Russia. Today ontainer transportation by roadlet you to forget about these problems.

Container shipping from China and other countries

Delivery of goods from Southeast Asia is becoming more popular. If you need to make a large purchase and deliver, e.g., to the Central or European part of Russia, the goods out of China quickly and without loss of quality, containerwill come to the aid.

Why Yu Cargo Service?

Establishing partnerships with carriers is an important factor when transporting goods over long distances. This allows you to track the shipment at any point along the route, to ensure the quality and reliability of intermodal transport and to have a backup plan oftransportationin case of unforeseen circumstances. An efficient transport logistics saves time and money of our clients. The specialists of the companymanaged to create a strong partnership with major carriers, logistics nodes and storage.

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