Customs Clearance

The process of international cargo transportation needs not only reliable means of transportation, but also a competent execution of specific documentation.

Customs clearance is a fundamental link in the chain of the movement of goods within the framework of foreign trade.

Matter how competently will be performed customs clearance is directly related cost of goods.

What is customs clearance of goods consists of?

During the process of customs clearance of goods or vehicles crossing the customs border a number of following procedures may require:

  • Acquiring of Veterinary Certificates;
  • Acquiring of Hygiene Certificates (Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate);
  • Certification of goods;
  • Acquiring of Quarantine Certificates.

In cases if the following permits are required for the further movement of goods across the customs border, customs clearance procedure will be completed only after their preparation.

How not to get lost in these documents? How to be sure that everything is provided? How to come through allcustoms procedures without delay or procrastination? The answer to these questions is simple - trust all customs formalities to professionals! For example, tothe company Yug CargoService.

Customs clearance services from Yug Cargo Service:

To ensure a timely customs clearance a coordinated and skilled work of several specialists such as a declarant, a manager and a lawyer is required. All these highly-qualified and experienced professionals are members of our team and are always ready to assist our customers.

Our company provides a range of services related to customs clearance of goods and vehicles in Russia and abroad. We can help youto issue a declaration, to completeCMR, TIR-CARNET, CN (Consignment Note), to get the certification documents. Also, our experts will provide you with professional and detailed advice on all matters of customs clearance.

For goods arriving in the port of Novorossiysk customs clearance is an integral part of port forwarding. At your request, our specialists can solve not onlycustoms clearance matters but also fully meet your cargo shipment at the port. We will receive all necessary permits and documents from port authorities, make inspection and quality control of cargo, provide space for temporary storage, and provide contact with the shipping agents for timely dispatch of your goods.

Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of safe and timely delivery of your cargo to its destination. Start it right now - make customs clearance services or port forwarding using the form “Oder” on our website. To get more information call: +7 (8617) 70-96-70.