Delivery of goods from China, USA, UAE and other countries.

Our company offers an assistance in buying large quantities of goods and raw materials abroad and sending them to your enterprise. We cooperate with traders around the world. Delivery of goods from China, Turkey, USA, Egypt, UAE, Australia and Saudi Arabia - wherever the desired product locates you will easily be able to buy itwith our help.

During our work in this field, we established not only business but also personal contacts with many foreign traders, manufactures and agents. It allows our customers to get the goods on favorable terms and in preferable time and for us to guarantee the security of bargains.

Delivery of goods from Europe and the U.S.A

Delivery of goods from the USA and Europe require knowledge of laws of these countries and special features of export registration. You do not have to understand these issues just trust them to our team. Our experience allows us to minimize the time for completion of mandatory certification and customs clearance. By turning to Yug Cargo Service, you can adjust supplies from China and the United States on a permanent basis for your organization.

Produce from the United States often requires special temperature conditions of carriage. For transportation of such cargoes we use specialized equipment. With our help your cargo will be delivered to you without any loss of quality.

Our specialists are well oriented in the features of customs clearance of export from EU and USA. By this reason, your export from USA will be quick and on time.

Delivery ofcargo from China

We have successfully cooperated with many producers and traders of South-East Asia, such as:

  • China;
  • Indonesia;
  • Singapore;
  • Taiwan;
  • Malaysia;
  • South Korea;
  • Japan.

Transportation of cargoes from these countries is carried out by large-capacity container vessels to the required port. From the port the cargoes are distributed to the regions. Depending on your location we will deliver you the goods by rail or road. Thus the cost of delivery will be in a reasonable range.

Ordering of Chinese products, finding of a suitable supplier and signing a contract for delivery with him as well as customs clearance and delivery of cargo to your place all of these you can obtain from cooperation with us.

The benefits of cooperation with Yug Cargo Service:

  • We know how to provide high quality services of purchase and transportation.
  • We work only with reliable traders and transporters.
  • We know the specifics of customs documents and accept full responsibility for the safety of the cargo.

If you need to purchase goods from UAE, Europe, USA, countries of South-East Asia, as well as those countries that are not listed above just simply fill out the form on our website. Or contact us at: office,6 1A Prokhorovast.,Novorossiysk, 353900, Russia. Tel.: +7 (8617) 70-96-70