EEA (External Economic Activity)/ Foreign Trade outsourcing.

EEA outsourcing - a form of cooperation between enterprises, which is determined by the transmission of performance of minor functions of one company to another for a certain period of time or, directly, the implementation of any contract.

What advantages can you obtain fromoutsourcing?

You do not have to revise the expenses of your organization and its structure. For example, to outsource your logistics activity you do not have to open your own departments of logistics and transport, and to bear the cost of their maintenance. You can focus on improving of the efficiency of your company's core business. Yug Cargo Service will take care of your Logistics.

How outsourcing is working?

You apply to our company and our experts tell the basic parameters of the order. On this basis, our staff will calculate the supply chain options and optimal timing of delivery, after offering them to you for consideration.

By selecting a suitable logistics scheme, you signa contract with our company. Also we sign the sales contract with the necessary supplier.

After that, our experts calculate product’s cost, on the basis of supplier quotation. The results of calculated priceare reconciled with the client. After the client confirms the transaction, we purchase the goods that he needs.

If youmake a purchase from abroadthe customs clearance will not be of your concern. All the formalities regarding toimport and delivery of cargo to your warehouse will be resolved by our specialists. All you need is to make a payment according to the contract.

Delivery of goods to your enterprise is fulfilled by Yug Cargo Service:

  • We clearly observe all parameters of a delivery;
  • Provide transportation strictly within the specified period;
  • With the goods you receive all accompanying documents (accounting and customs documentation, certificates, waybills.

Outsourcing of logistics is profitable and convenient

The contract for EEA outsourcing is usually concluded for a period of one year or more. During theentire duration of the contract we release you from the concern and responsibility of the logistical operations required in the course of your work.

We deliver the goods from any country of the world ( e.g. from China, USA, Europe, UAE). With our company a purchase of goods from abroad will be as easy as a purchase from suppliers in your region. Execution of all necessary documentation, work with foreign partners, customs operations all these matters will not be your headache any longer. You only need to make an order and determine the time limits of its execution. We will do all the rest work.

Optimize your company's operation right now. Click "Place an Order" and fill out the form on our website or contact us by phone. +7 (8617) 70-96-70. This simple act will be the first step towards outsourcing, which means an improving of the efficiency of your business.