Wearrange transportations around the world. The principles of our work is to provide services for the organization and promotion of external - economic activity, a clear approach to each particular case, a thorough study of all the options in terms of modern logistics skills.

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Why work with us is profitable?

Outsourced Logistics supply chain will help your company to improve the efficiency of business processes and to reduce the cost of transportation of goods. You do not have to open a logistic department in your company, to keep storage facilities, special equipment, to pay wages to the workers. On applying tous, you will get any logistic services in the desired volume. We can provide the following Logistic Services:

  • Transportation and Freight Forwarding.
  • Customs Clearance.
  • Warehousing.
  • Multimodal Logistics

Why work with us is reliable?

Using a variety of logistic schemes allow our specialists to develop an optimal plan for your delivery. We guarantee prompt delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. We insure your shipment, and, moreover, give you the ability to track its movement along the way.

We fulfill transportation of any complexity –Logistics of cargoes in Russia and worldwide will be performedby our specialists at a high level. The competence and creativity of our employees, our reputation for reliability and rigorous approach to quality - that's a guarantee that the logistics services will be held at the right time and with a high level of security.

Transport logistics - our specialty

Working with us, you will have all possible modes of transport at your disposal. Our specialists will figure out all the routes and logistics options and provide you with the most valuable and convenient solution. We will make every effort to optimize costs and streamline every link in the chain of research, acquisition and delivery of goods.