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About the Company

Yug Cargo Service started to work in the freight market not long ago. But in the course of our work we have proved ourselves as a reliable partner who can be trusted to organize the logistics of any enterprise.

We are located in Novorossiysk. It is an advantageous geographical location which allows us to qualitatively carry out transportations of any goods, materials or equipment on the territory of Russia or worldwide. But our work is not limited by delivery only.

Logistics Services

Our specialists,subject to conditions of outsourcing, successfully replace the logistics department in many companies. We perform calculation of cost of delivery routes, selection of transport, registration of accompanying documents, organization of handling and storage of cargo.

Personal EEA operator

If you want the delivery of goods from China, USA, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Australia and Saudi Arabia, we will help you. We will find the most profitable vendor,sign a contract with him, perform calculation of the cost of goods. We will purchase the goods and deliver them to your warehouse at your convenience. Along with the goods we will provide you with all the accompanying documents needed.

Customs clearance of cargoes

Our experts will help you toarrange the necessary set of documents for customs clearance. We also canissueCertificates of Compliance, Hygiene Certificates, Permissions on the import of specific goods.

Freight forwarding

Do you want to be surein safety and promptness of your delivery? Then make a request of forwarding services in our company. We fulfill forwarding services in the port of Novorossiysk as well as full support of cargo on its way from Sender to Recipient. Competent forwarder is a guarantee of fast and reliable delivery.

The benefits of Yug Cargo Service

We ensure the delivery of goods by all means of transport for today:

  • Truck;
  • Rail;
  • Sea;
  • Air.

We work with all types of goods, including oversized, heavy, perishable and specific. Yug Cargo Service strictly observes delivery deadlines. Even when using the combined methods of delivery, we will deliver the goods in the possiblyshortest period of time. Our experts willwork out the route correctly and the container shipment will allow us to save time of delivery.

And the main thing is that the cost of our services is in the range of average prices in the freight market. We monitor the prices of competitors, as well as for the quality and range of their services. Therefore, even though we do not promise the minimum tariffs, but we can say with confidence that the level of quality of our work is much higher than the average.


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About the Company Yug Cargo Service started to work in the freight market not long ago. But in the course of our work we h...

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