Port dispatching
Effective port dispatching services via YugCargo Service company.
Customs clearing
Customs processing services via YugCargo Service company. We would gladly be of service to prepare goods declarations and transit bills of entry.
Parallel import
Sending groupage cargo
Warehouse storage services
Cargo storage via YugCargo Service. Our esteemed company should secure storage of your cargo.
Full cycle of FEA (Foreign Economic Activities) outsourcing.
Handing over your logistic for outsourcing is advantageous and convenient via YugCargo Service.
Cargo certification.
Easy certification via YugCargo Service company. Obtaining of phytosanitary, veterinary, fumigation and numerous other approval documents.

Экспедирование и таможенное оформление грузов в Новороссийске

We offer an extended range of services

YugCargo Service – your efficient partner

VIP is the only word that we use for our clients.

Each client is treated on individual basis with a careful eye on development and optimization tendencies.

Arrangements of whole range of services: from ordering of goods and FEA documentation preparations till actual delivery of the goods to final buyer.

Wealth of experience and professionalism at customs affairs would help you to negate unnecessary costs and lower product cost.

Long-term relationships with container lines allow to arrange overseas transportation on favourable terms.

Professional skills of our team ensure time saving at port dispatching and customs clearance of goods, minimize vehicle idle time, vessel demurrage and container storage.

Company strengths

Efficient response and quality

Low rates

Full documents execution

Turnkey services

Personal approach

Professional experience

Freight forwarding company YugCargo Service LTD. specializes on providing services in fields of transport, logistics and international trade outsourcing.

Логистическая компания ООО «ЮГ КАРГО СЕРВИС»
Company’s location in the city of Novorrossiysk allows us to provide services in a quick and qualitative way.

Our Partners


Yug Cargo Service LTD.

353907, Russia, Krasnodar Territory,
Novorossiysk, st. Mira, d. 5, office 11.

Working hours:

Monday through Friday: from 09:00 till 18:00 LT
Saturday and Sunday are day offs.



International shipping

  YugCargo Service is organizing cargo carriage worldwide. Many years’ experience of our specialists allow to develop logistical solution in accordance with individual demands of each client as well as route options and logistical schemes. As a result, you will receive a preset which would be most efficient and advantageous.

Cargo delivery, which is organized by our good company will help you to increase effectiveness of business processes and cut handling costs. We would be happy to offer cargo delivery via any kind of transport:

Truck haul;
Rail movement;
Air freight operations;
Maritime traffic.

We would be glad to arrange end-to-end cargo delivery from anywhere globally:

✔ Asian countries such as: Turkey, China, Israel, India, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, UAE, Jordan and others
✔ European countries such as: UK, Germany, Italy, France and others
✔ North and Latin Americas countries such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
✔ African countries such as: Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, RSA
✔ Australia and New Zealand
✔ CIS countries such as: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others.
✔ Russia internal cargo transportation

  Our company is up to the task of cargo transportation, no matter the difficulty. Freight transport logistics both on the territory of Russia and worldwide would be treated on a high professional level by our specialists. Expertise and rigorous approach in regard of quality of services rendered would be the guarantee of your cargo delivered in time and with the high level of security.

Freight forwarding

  Our company is up to the task of cargo transportation, no matter the difficulty. Freight transport logistics both on the territory of Russia and worldwide would be treated on a high professional level by our specialists. Expertise and rigorous approach in regard of quality of services rendered would be the guarantee of your cargo delivered in time and with the high level of security.

Conduct of boarding operations, which are commonly requested from supervisory bodies and are necessary for preliminary identification of goods.

✔ Execution of phytosanitary, veterinary and quarantine controls with additional cargo samples collection within the shortest possible time.

✔ Processing of all supporting and permitting documents in order to pass port and terminal examination. Above mentioned documentation is needed during cargo escort to the final destination.

✔ Securing right framework for cargo storage in transit and in storage.

Cargo unloading and preparation of declaration for customs transit as well as certificate of conformity.

✔ Temporary cargo storage management, cargo repacking within the warehouse limits.

✔ Management of all needed loading and unloading procedures, including separation, reshipment, palletization, repacking, stuffing, transfer of cargo to a joint transport.

✔ Management of cargo release, clearance of the port, arranging all transport necessary.

Cargo delivery by the means of both railway and highway transport.

Provision of information to the client in regard of cargo location from loading point to consignee’s warehouse.

Therefore freight forwarding Is completely covered by our freight forwarder.


Customs clearing

YugCargo Service specialists possess high skills and rich experience at customs procedures. Also they are constantly studying changes which occur in regulatory framework. We would help you to process Goods declaration, Transit declaration or could process above mentioned documents through customs representative at any customs regulation.

In most circumstances our clients receive LEO (let export order) in 24 hours. Could take 48 hours for regime goods, which require additional permissions and control measures – phytosanitary, veterinary and others.

Any good be it exported or imported could not avoid customs clearing. When the product crosses state boundaries, it passes several levels of outbound customs clearance, transportation and inbound customs clearance.

Foreign trade operator should execute declaration, properly identify customs commodity code, calculate and pay appointed settlement and undergo inspection procedures.

  Milestones of customs clearing are as follows:

✔ Registration and issuance of goods declarations.
✔ LEO code verification and implementations of non-tariff regulations.
✔ Validation of accuracy of customs value declared.
✔ Customs charges.
✔ Сurrency regulation.

  Customs clearance involves necessary possession of the following documents:

✔ Foreign trade agreement, delivery agreement and others
✔ Goods shipping documents
✔ Documents attesting declared product code
✔ Documents proving payment of custom duties
✔ Remittance order in rubles or foreign exchange
✔ Currency transaction report form as well as documents proving declared customs value are needed for foreign exchange control and customs cost calculation
✔ Documents proving embargo-abidingness, restriction-abidingness and nontariff regulation-abidingness (goods import/export licenses, security certificates, hygienic certificates, veterinary and phytosanitary vouchers, certificates of conformity as well as other related documents)
✔ Letter of trust related to person, who represents the company at customs authority
✔ Company data, such as: statutory documents, VAT registration certificate, certificate of entry into the Uniform Government Register of Legal Entities, code summary extract, certificate of availability of a payment account.

  At import following documents should be presented: export declaration, ST-1, A certificates, cargo shipper price list.
At export following documents should be presented: commercial invoice, purchase contract in Russia, Carnet TIR, CMR, certificate of cargo value, technical specification of product.

Parallel import

YugCargo Service has properly built working relationships with foreign partners, which allows parallel import of goods.
We organize deliveries of goods from:

✔ Europe;
✔ USA;
✔ Brazil;
✔ UAE;
✔ India;
✔ South Korea;
✔ China.

YugCargo Service also organizes the delivery and customs clearance of vehicles from the USA, UAE, South Korea and China.


Product Suppliers

Yug Cargo Service LTD offers assistance in purchasing parties of goods and raw materials outside and within the boundaries of Customs Union and delivery above mentioned goods to your good facility. We maintain business ties with trade experts worldwide. We will arrange cargo delivery from China, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, India, USA, Egypt, UAE, Australia and Saudi Arabia – wherever required goods are located, you could easily purchase it with our help.

For the time of work in the sphere of delivery, we’ve managed to establish not only business but also personal contacts with large amount of external trade experts, manufacturers and agents. Above has made it possible to our clients to receive goods on favorable terms and in convenient time, also it made possible to us to guarantee security of business transaction.

  • We know exactly how to provide high-quality services of purchasing and cargo carriage.
  • We work only with reliable trade experts and shipping carriers.
  • We remain fully responsible for cargo safety.

Safe custody of goods in Novorossiysk

  Our company will store your cargo securely. Experienced staff of our warehouse guarantee safety and high-speed of loading-unloading operations. Your transport will not stand idle waiting for cargo ramp to be cleared.

  We provide means for storage of different cargoes, such as specific, perishable, and special storage conditions cargoes. We have at our disposal several reefer warehouses with separate storage chambers with different temperature conditions and warehousing specifics. Our warehouses are equipped with all necessary equipment, as well as metering systems.

List of cargoes that could be placed at our Novorossiysk warehouse:

✔ Preserved commodities as well as bulk products such as sugar and cereals;
✔ Space consuming and over-dimensional cargo;
✔ Equipment, machinery;
✔ Palletized cargoes;
✔ Construction materials;
✔ Industrial products;
✔ Much more.

Advantages of responsible warehousing at our Novorossiysk warehouse:

✔ Thermal conditions. On the territory of our storage compound located cold and warm rooms, stable and secured maintenance of preset conditions.
✔ Security. Facilities are under our constant custody, surveillance cameras are installed as well as alarm systems and other protective measures from illegal access.
✔ Correct placement. Taking cargo characteristics into consideration while warehousing. Our rooms are equipped with racks, spaces are optimized, packs and pallets are in place.
✔ Range of services. Our employees are engaged in palletizing, loading-unloading operations. Cross-docking and other storage types are also available.

Warehouse services

  While processing cargo storage, accumulation of bills of lading cargoes, quantities of cargo we could ensure the fulfilment of the following services:

✔ Cargo segregation at client’s desire;
✔ Tallyman account;
✔ Cargo reweighing;
✔ Cargo marking, as well as freight pack marking and original package marking;
✔ Quality, quantity and caliber sorting operations;
✔ Cargo repacking (pallet spaces consolidation, cardboard container package);
✔ Tank containers installation;
✔ Transhipment of bulk and general cargo from vehicles and train cars into containers and conversely;
✔ Fastening the container cargo and separation of cargo (car shipment and so forth);
✔ Decontainerization of fastened cargo;
✔ Much more other services.

Sending groupage cargo

YugCargo Service LLC is a forwarding company specializing in sending groupage cargo from:
✔ UAE to Russia;
✔ Turkey to Russia.
Consolidated shipments are consolidated shipments combined from different shippers into one shipment to save shipping costs.

We offer a full cycle of services for the shipment of groupage cargo, starting with the organization of the collection of cargo from the sender, its consolidation in our warehouses, customs clearance and delivery to Russia.

Our company has a wide network of partners and experience in this field, which allows us to provide reliable and efficient logistics solutions. We guarantee timely delivery of cargo, compliance with all necessary customs procedures and a high level of service.

Entrust us with the shipment of your groupage cargo from the UAE and Turkey to Russia, and we will do our best to ensure that your cargo is delivered quickly, reliably and at the best price.

FEA outsourcing

Foreign Economic Activities outsourcing – long term contract of purchasing your product purchased by our importer. Cargo customs clearance will not affect you and you will receive customs cleared product inland. You will be free of risks, connected to permittance documents and cargo control after clearance. All import formalities as well as cargo delivery to your warehouse will be cared of with the help of our specialists. Only thing requested is payment arrangement under a contract.

Cargo delivery to your company is carried out by Yug Cargo Service:

  • We ensure all specifications of delivery
  • Delivery is made strictly as per stipulated date
  • Together with cargo you will receive customs and accounting documents, certificates package as well as consignment vouchers.

Forwarding your logistics to outsourcing is efficient and convenient.

Foreign Economic Activities outsourcing agreement is usually concluded for a period of one year and more. For the whole duration of contract you are free from worries and responsibility for logistical operations which are required for your company as work progresses.


Yug Cargo Serice LTD maintains long-term relationships with leading laboratories and is well experienced in the processes of receiving phytosanitary, veterinary, fumigation certificates and other permittance documents for both export and import cargos. It’s no mystery that cargo imported on the territory of Russia requires regulatory certification. Declaration of conformance bear witness to the fact that the product meets the standards of quality and safety, assigned by our country and the Customs Union.