Port forwarding

During transportation of goods, at a certain point, you can run into such a complicated procedure as port forwarding, which requires maximum responsibility. The successful passage through this barrier on the way of delivery of the goods to the destination depends on the experience and qualification of specialists whose duty is to resolve such a matter. Address to usand relax, because we guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your cargo to its destination.

Efficient port forwarding together with Yug Cargo Service

During performing of freight forwarding services our company also runs a wide range of related services, from projecting of every stage of delivery, including dispatch and receipt of goods, and ending with the movement of goods through checkpoints and customs. Since the freight forwarding in the port requires appropriate training and experience to resolve a large number of formalities that are present in the contracts betweenline agency and freight forwarder, it is advisable to involve competent experts to do these works. Our employees will be glad to assist you in the resolution of these matters.

Freight forwarding services performed by Yug Cargo Service

Our employees will easily manage any difficulty associated with the organization of port operations aimed on handling of transit import and export cargoes, and will provide the following services:

  • Proper interaction with Port Authorities to speed up the receipt of the necessary approvals required to conduct port operations;
  • Efficient work with ship and line agents, aimed on reducing of time needed for coming-out and reception of cargo;
  • Issuing ofpermitting documents;
  • Weighing and inspection of cargo in accordance with the rules of regulatory authorities and the consignee;
  • Proper coordination and obtain of permits, as well as handling and storage of Project or Hazardous cargoes;
  • Preparation of set of documents required for transportation of cargo to the final destination;
  • All types of handling and packaging operations, as well as a coming-out of goods from the port.

If you decide to get servicesofour company you will gain a cost savings by reducing the time required for the production of documents, because we have direct contracts with the shipping lines and competent business relations with regulatory authorities.