Rail transport

Perhaps there is no such corner in Russia, which did not reach to the railroad tracks. Rail transport of goods were popular in the last century, but have not lost relevance in the present day. The railroad is the most convenient in terms of price, speed, method of delivery of large quantities of goodsto this day. A co-operation with Yug Cargo Service will help you to make a freighttransportation by rail more secure fast and cost-effective.

Railway transportation

Our company is ready to provide its customers with a full range of services related to the Railway transportation:

  • Careful planning of the route;
  • Delivery of goods from the warehouse to the railway station;
  • Car loading;
  • Supervisingof the transportation;
  • Preperation of accompanying documentation andcustoms declarations;
  • Delivery of the goods to the warehouse of arecipient.

We carry out transportations of all types of cargoes including Project cargoes by rail. We can offer you the best shipping option, depending on the type of cargo.

Yug Cargo Service - deliveryjust on time

The basic principle of our company is a quick delivery. Developing a thorough route helps us to minimize the period oftransportationof your goods.

Rail transport in Russia can deliver the goods in any region, but not to any location. In case, If there is no railwayin the destination of your shipment, we will develop for you a combined route, taking into account the time and cost of transportation.

Competent organization of handling in logistics hubs along the way of the cargo also allows us to speed up the delivery process. We will help you to save time thus to save a considerable amount of money.

Usage of the railway for the transport of goods is profitable, because the cost of rail transportation is lower in comparison with road transportation. And it is more profitable for you to take our services on rail transportations because of a high speed and reliability of delivery.

Freight rail transport will be the best option within the country. If you need to deliver the goods at the border or on the contrary, from abroad, Yug Cargo Servicewill be at your service! Delivery of goods from Europe, China, the U.S.A. and many other countries with our help will not take a long time, but it will be highly convenient and beneficial to your organization. We will provide assistance in finding suppliers, purchase and delivery of goods, customs clearance.

Yug Cargo Service will become your constant and reliable partner in the field of logistics and transportation. You can order a transportation right now, just contact us by phone: +7 (8617) 70-96-70or complete the form on our website.