Transportation process includes a set of interrelated activities - from the development of the route and carrier selection, to the competent delivery to the consignee. The most important element of this chain of action is the warehousing.

Storage facilities may be required at any stage of transportation - in the beginning and end of the path, or in between, on using of a combined delivery system or at necessity of distribution of consignment between multiple recipients.

Why it is difficult to find a good storage?

The need of storage forgoods has most companies. But often it is a big problem to find a warehouse, because the storage space must respond to a number of requirements such as:

  • convenient location;
  • sufficient space;
  • safekeeping of cargoes;
  • availability of required storage conditions, in the case of specific goods;
  • acceptable price for the service.

If you are looking for a convenient storage area, contact us and your search will be successful.

Storage of goods with the Yug Cargo Service

Our company will provide secure storage of your goods for a period of time convenient for you. We provide a full range of storage services:

  • Acceptance of goods, itssorting, replacing of package, if it’s necessary.
  • Handling.
  • Monitoring the quality and shelf life of goods.
  • The ability to store specific and perishable goods.
  • Provide a detailed report on the movement of goods.

Additional services

In addition to the storage service, our company provides all the necessary services for freight and logistics. Directly from our warehouse, you can send the goods to any region of Russia and the CIS countries, the USA, South East Asia or Europe. We carry out delivery of goods by road, sea or rail and air. We will accompany your shipment at all stages of delivery, we will help you withaccompanying documents, to ensure safety and optimum transit time.

Cooperation with Yug Cargo Service is a convenience for your freight. Become our customer right now. It’s easy, just click "Place an Order” and fill the form on our website. To get more information on our offers, or to get advice on any stage of transportation as well as to check up the storage area you can by contacting us: office,6, 1-A Prokhorovast.,Novorossiysk, 353900, Russia. Tel.: +7 (8617) 70-96-70